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Everyone knows massage therapy is great for both your mind and body, but who has the time—and perhaps even more importantly, the money—to get one every day? Nobody we know, that’s for sure.

Beginning with the patent-pending RAD Roller, the entire line of RAD mobility products is designed by experts to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist. Our tools provide controlled, acute point release, move waste materials out of your soft tissue and encourage proper spinal alignment. And when used regularly, they help unlock your body’s true movement potential whenever it fits in your schedule.

rad FACT

  • Did you know that for every inch the head moves forward, the pressure on the neck doubles

POINT RELEASE Dominate knots and liberate tight spots

MUSCLE FLUSHING Pump waste Materials and toxins out of soft tissue




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what the fascia (fash-ee-uh)?

Fascia. Funny word, right? It’s the scientific term for the web of tissue that surrounds and connects your muscles, and it’s also the stuff that gets tough, tense and painful when it can’t move properly. The truth is, when you stretch, you’re actually stretching your fascia, not the muscle itself. Imagine that. Seriously though. Imagine it.

With RAD mobility tools, your fascia has no choice but to yield to targeted, transformative pressure. Instead of expanding your muscles in a straight line like regular stretching, RAD’s collection of point release tools (the RAD ROLLER, RAD ROUNDS and RAD BLOCK) are designed to get in there and get the job done, releasing and mobilizing restricted fascia in every direction. It’s myofascial release at its finest.

Be Free

When soft tissue and joints jam up, lymph and waste materials get trapped inside causing a feeling that’s, let’s just say, not so rad. RAD’s advanced muscle-flushing tools (the RAD Rod and the RAD Helix) help release these blockages and keep everything moving where it needs to go. With regular use, RAD tools may help diminish muscular discomfort, freeing you up to live the life you want and do all the things you love. [RAD Fact: Approximately 85% of people have at least one serious episode of lower back pain in their lives.]

Unlike the Like

Impersonators better watch their backs because RAD is unequivocally one-of-a-kind. Our groundbreaking mobility tools are the first and last of their kind—founded on the perfect balance of expertise between a biomechanics expert and professional athlete. Where other tools are flimsy, RAD products are built to stay strong use after use. Where other massagers try to copy our forms, none can replicate the shape and precise proportions that make RAD so effective. And where some wannabes opt for cheap plastic, RAD tools are made from safe, high-quality materials for optimal comfort and support. There really is nothing like them, so accept no imitations.









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