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Movement is life and we are about to enhance your ability to change people’s lives


As a health professional, do you feel comfortable around your education regarding pain assessment AND treatment?

Do you have the confidence to support your clients needs when it comes to understanding the role of the musculoskeletal system with pain and all the factors that limit mobility?

What happens if we could provide the tools you need, all the education required to apply those tools, to solve the challenges people face everyday as it relates to back & neck pain at a nominal cost....oh yeah...and make money selling your services and these products!

We have the answer.

RAD Education.

RAD Mobility Certification

Whether you're a personal trainer, strength coach, yoga instructor, dancer, massage therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or athlete - if you’re interested in picking up what we’re putting down, we can be friends. Movement is life and we are about to enhance your ability to change people’s lives forever.

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Check out our online Level 1 course -- you definitely will not be disappointed in what you're about to learn!

So who is Team Rad Roller?

We are a team that holds experience training elite athletes for performance, the normal population for their health and fitness goals as well as rehabilitation clients who are experiencing movement challenges and pain. We are a diverse team that brings to the table experience as trainers, clinicians, product designers, educators, authors and innovators.

We are passionate about challenging the status quo, finding a better way to do things, continually evolving and grabbing life by the horns. We love all things movement including athletics, cross-training, performance training, mixed martial arts, yoga, etc.

We want to empower you and teach you concepts as opposed to techniques. You must master the former before the latter.