The RAD Helix

The Only Roller Inspired by DNA

The RAD Helix has low back extension and three-dimensional muscular release down to a science. No joke, this baby puts traditional foam rollers to shame. The arched design replicates a double helix, the building blocks of the body. And for good reason too. This anatomical shape is almost human, relentlessly unlocking stiffness on two planes and flushing out toxins to promote healthy, open posture.

RAD Helix $95.00

RAD Helix

The RAD Helix flushes out toxins and enhances your back’s range of motion with its anatomical shape that’s designed to protect the spine. Your foam roller definitely can’t do that. Oh, and did we mention it’s also killer on calves, quads, hamstrings and hips?

  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 3"
  • Materials: High-density foam
  • Color: Gray
  • Unit weight: 1lb.
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises
  • “While recovering from my fourth knee surgery, my RAD Helix and RAD Roller saved my back from the damage of crutches.”

    Kelley Fitzpatrick, Skier Cross Racer

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    Taking Shape

    The RAD Helix is anatomically shaped to fit, well, the human anatomy. How’s that for intuitive design? The two cone-shaped ends provide release in two different planes—extending AND opening your spine—while the ridges offer waves of pressure to flush waste materials out of your muscles. Then of course there’s the dip in the middle, which lets you roll hard on your erectors without putting any pressure on your spinous process (that’s just a fancy term for all those little, boney bumps that poke out at the center of your back).

    Built to Bring It

    Did you know that when you’re locked up in one area—say, the ribcage—the soft tissue in your low and mid-back have to take on the extra workload? It’s true, and it creates a painful chain reaction through the whole body. Ouch. The RAD Helix is made of a specially designed polymer that’s soft enough for whole-muscle rolling, yet strong for heavy-duty use. That means you can effectively free up the tension in your back, which will then invite the rest of your body follow. Not to mention the unique polymer material is waterproof, sweatproof and non-porous so it doesn’t get all wet and stinky like typical foam rollers. Yeah, we thought you’d like that.

    Bye-Bye, Build-Up

    Daily exercise and, heck, just plain old day-to-day living put a lot of stress on your back and body. As a result, waste products and toxins build up in and reduce your range of motion. The RAD Helix is constructed to make powerful contact with your body—pumping out toxins and leaving nothing but loose, limber muscles behind. Use it daily to keep your back and body at peak performance.

    Both the RAD ROLLER and RAD Helix can work wonders on that aching back, but they serve two very different functions.
    Here’s the scoop on which tool does what.

    • Flushing tool for daily toxin release
    • Larger to cover more surface area
    • Taller for extra extension across entire low back
    • Softer and “tamer”


    • Point release for long-term postural correction
    • Smaller to dig into specific insertion points
    • Concentrated size for release directly along spine
    • Harder and more intense

    You Gotta Try This

    “The Rolling Pin.” Try this awesome two-tool move and experience the ultimate in thoughtful RAD product synergy. Simply slide your RAD Rod through your RAD Helix and invite a friend to roll you down and flush out your entire back. You may want to offer to return the favor too. Just saying. (P.S. This is also a great way to keep your two tools together when you travel.)